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Your sink is backed up yet again, and you don't think you'll be able to fix the problem yourself this time. Turn to Union Plumbing of El Paso, TX to resolve your plumbing problems. Put down the plunger and pick up the phone - we'll take care of your nagging plumbing issues.

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Let us handle your plumbing repairs

Don't let plumbing problems get you down. Whether you have a minor issue like a dripping faucet, or a major problem like a broken water line, you can depend on us to address it. Call us for:

  • Water and sewer line repairs
  • water leak repairs
  • Water line reroutes
  • Faucets
  • Toilets
  • Water softeners
  • Water heater repairs and installations
  • Leaks
  • Sprinklers
Turn to Union Plumbing for solutions to your plumbing problems.

Looking for answers to common plumbing issues?

Union Plumbing provides reliable plumbing repair services in El Paso, TX and surrounding areas. Our expert plumbers can answer all of your questions, but we'll do our best to answer a few big ones right here. Are you wondering:

What causes water line leaks and how can I prevent them?

  • age, normal wear and tear. The solution is a water softener.
  • excessive temperatures. As hot water travels thru the pipes, they expand and then constrict back to regular size.
  • debris outside the pipe causing external damage.
  • when the water pressure is about 80 psi, it can also create leaks and erode the inside of the pipes.

How do I know if I need water line reroutes? How long does this take?
  • this is necessary if a water line is leaking under the foundation. A water reroute could take 6-8 hours.

What are the benefits of water softeners?
  • they eliminate calcium and soften water, which can prevent plumbing from eroding.
  • they enhance the safety of drinking water.

When you say faucets, toilets, leaks, and sprinklers on the plumbing repair page, what do you do? Repairs? Installations? Replacements?
  • we do all 3.

How do I know when my water heater needs to be replaced?
  • you should replace your water heater if it leaks, is more than 12 years old, or breaks down frequently.

How long does a water heater replacement take?
  • it can be finished in around 4 hours.

How can I avoid clogged drains? How do I know when I need a drain cleaning? Should I schedule drain cleans regularly?
  • schedule regular drain cleanings.
  • avoid flushing non-flushables.

Reach out to us right away with any other questions. Our plumbers can repair your faulty plumbing quickly and correctly.

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